I Cried Over A Breadstick Once.

Hi I'm Corinne. I'm 16 and really like fruity, chewy candy and small dogs.
I used to be a strictly fandom blog but then I saw the wonders of pretty pictures of girls and nature and tattoos.
If you're not into the whole "equality" thing get out now thx.
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me when buying something over $10: do i need this? do i need any material objects? will this matter when i face the great abyss?

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*is a wreck*

*gives ppl lifestyle advice*

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Okay so my opinion of you is that you are one of the first blogs I followed when I joined tumblr and I just alwawys love hearing what you're up to and you and your girlfriend are adorable and yeeeaaah!
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Aw, thank you so much!! You’re so sweet (:



No but don’t you guys see?
In The Empty Hearse, Anderson thinks that it’s Moriarty dressed up as Sherlock.

That means they didn’t find Moriarty’s body on the roof.


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I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure.


”brah help me im falling off this cliff brah”

”but brah i cant grab your hand thats hand holding and thats gay brah”

”but brah-”

”brahbye brahther”

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Dowling Duncan and redesigning the American Dollar:

Why the size?
We have kept the width the same as the existing dollars. However we have changed the size of the note so that the one dollar is shorter and the 100 dollar is the longest. When stacked on top of each other it is easy to see how much money you have. It also makes it easier for the visually impaired to distinguish between notes.

Why a vertical format?
When we researched how notes are used we realized people tend to handle and deal with money vertically rather than horizontally. You tend to hold a wallet or purse vertically when searching for notes. The majority of people hand over notes vertically when making purchases. All machines accept notes vertically. Therefore a vertical note makes more sense.

Why different colors?
It’s one of the strongest ways graphically to distinguish one note from another.

Why these designs?
We wanted a concept behind the imagery so that the image directly relates to the value of each note. We also wanted the notes to be educational, not only for those living in America but visitors as well. Each note uses a black and white image depicting a particular aspect of American history and culture. They are then overprinted with informational graphics or a pattern relating to that particular image.

$1 – The first African American president
$5 – The five biggest native American tribes
$10 – The bill of rights, the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution
$20 – 20th Century America
$50 – The 50 States of America
$100 – The first 100 days of President Franklin Roosevelt. During this time he led the congress to pass more important legislations than most presidents pass in their entire term. This helped fight the economic crises at the time of the great depression. Ever since, every new president has been judged on how well they have done during the first 100 days of their term.

I’m not mad at this idea at all…

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Love isn’t her calming you down when you yell. It’s her yelling, just as loud, just as hard, right back at you, right in your face to wake you up and to keep you grounded. It isn’t her or him bringing you roses everyday or cute things that make your relationship appear more presentable. It’s after a long fight, that drains the life and bones right out of you both, and yet her showing up at your door the next morning anyway. It’s not her saying all the right things or knowing exactly how to handle you. So no, it’s not her caressing your hair and telling you everything is going to be alright. It’s her standing there, admitting she’s just as scared as you are.
You don’t realize how alone you are until you’re staying up every night thinking about things you should never think of and you cant tell anybody because you have nobody to tell.
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